sunday school

We have Sunday School for all ages. Now matter what age you are, God wants you to grow in your faith! Join us in our journey to learn more about God's plan for our lives. 

We were excited about our Sunday School curriculum, D6. D6 is not only a Sunday School Class. It is a way of life. With daily devotionals for the whole family, the entire church will be studying the same parts of the Bible at the same time! All material is specially prepared for each age group, with activities, articles, and more. We pray that your family will take full advantage of this program to build your family's faith and understanding of Scripture. D6 is named fro Deuteronomy 6, which tells us to always be talking of our faith with our family, and always to be learning and teaching each other. We hope this program will help all of our families to have what they need to do this. Watch this video about D6